Beauty Entrepreneur Demee Koch Chats About Her New Book

November 13, 2020

Demee Koch is a serial entrepreneur with solid experience of 21 years in the health and beauty industry. With DE MOI BY DEMEE KOCH, she launched a social and ecologically friendly beauty brand that develops high quality and results-driven cosmetic products with active ingredients, made with principles of honesty and fairness.
Demee is an advocate for inclusivity and women empowerment and is hands-on involved in charity works. Next to timely events based charities, she supports the Lumad tribe in her home country the Philippines with their scholarship program for education and level up needs, as well as local female business entrepreneurship programs. Since 2005, Demee shares her knowledge in conscious entrepreneurship as a trusted business advisor and director with successful global brands in the fields of sports, fashion, and beauty.
In 2019, Demee received the award as GLOBAL FWN100 2019 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINA IN THE WORLD at the 16th Global Filipina Leadership Summit in Paris.

Let me start by clarifying that I am a person in the public, but more so I am a very private person. Yes, I am giving interviews, and yes, I do write guest articles for magazines, and yes, I am active on social media. But I turned down every TV home story or reality tv like inquiry (so far). The reason is, I need to be able to decide the outcome, not a producer nor anyone else. And nowadays I realize more and more that this is what I always did, to create my own narrative based on an intrinsic belief system, and that I can be proud about the fact that I always walked my own way – even if I myself did not know where it would lead me.

Now I publish my personal and entrepreneurial journey as a book.

My business is beauty and branding. I rock the beauty industry for over two decades now. I love traveling the world to research local, power-botanical ingredients that enhance natural beauty. I find hidden beauty regimes, mixtures, and addictive smells from around the globe to compose them into new products. The success behind my own brands and the brands that I consult is a highly purpose-led and community-driven approach.

I am doing very well for myself, and I still have so much to go for. But I am driven by something else. And that is to be able to give back; giving from the abundance that I created for me.

As a mentor for several female entrepreneurs, I found that this is what they are looking for when consulting me. The “secret sauce“ to where I stand as an “accomplished businesswoman“. A need of shouting it out into the world started boiling inside of me.

I took ownership of my dreams early on. It was a rough journey to who I am and where I stand today. There were mistakes and failures, tough lessons to be learned. My drive and passion to go further comes from a deep desire to be able to give back – to share the fruits of my labor that grew from using my talents and committing to them. So while I may have talent in developing beauty products, my passion lies in making a difference for the charity community projects I am able to support with the dollars I make.

When you focus on the goal of creating a value and leaving a legacy of kindness to this world, then you will leave your focus on your own shortcomings. You will make it happen, no matter how small your resources may seem at this point.

I am sharing my own personal story to show that it does not matter where you are coming from to make things happen for yourself and others. It is a story about a human figuring out and exercising her potential. With the hopes that it inspires readers to pursue their own dreams, not for profit, but for making a difference in this world. Money is a by-product that will come towards you when you walk towards the path that is right for you and the world. Success and wealth should be measured in the quality of people you attract to work with you, and the good you are able to create in this world. And let me share the ultimate beauty secret with you: it is kindness.

Click here to read a free chapter of Demee Koch’s upcoming book Breaking Conventions In Heels.

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