Anna Beck Designs

July 31, 2022

I found my RING! You know what I mean, that one statement ring you never take off, that somehow says everything about you – This is it, from Anna Beck.

Richly-colored turquoise, apatite, sunstone, and moonstone are hand cut and tucked into a gold vermeil band for a band ring you’ve never seen like this before.

  • Handmade in Bali
  • 18k gold vermeil
  • Ring width: 15mm
  • Sunstone promotes friendship; moonstone brings new beginnings; turquoise protects, apatite is the stone of manifestation
  • Each stone is unique; actual color and shape may vary slightly

Let me tell you, choosing something from Anna is not easy – every piece feels unique, special and one of a kind. Literally impossible to choose. I mean…look at these rings!

And these are just the rings. Everything is stunning.

Prices are low-to mid-range – definitely a special gift for a friend or yourself.

More about Anna Beck:


Founder Becky Hosmer started Anna Beck 18 years ago during a trip to Bali. She had always been an admirer of beautiful things, but never thought she could create them. This is where she met her future business partner, Gede, who made jewelry in a little room in the back of his home and inspired her to create pieces of her own. One thing lead to another, and everyone she knew was as excited as she was about the jewelry she was creating. She chose the name, Anna Beck, as a rearrangement of her own name – Becky Ann.

Becky moved to Bali, and a few years after designing those first pieces, Anna Beck grew into a business where Becky quit her day job and followed her passion. As the brand expanded, Becky moved to Bali from Los Angeles and started to understand the magic and beauty behind the pieces. Living and working with the artisans in Bali taught her the art of jewelry making, as well as the art of mindfulness, love and kindness. She became more passionate than ever about her approach to honoring the artisans and the value of handmade objects. Becky lived in Bali for five years, and the lessons she learned would become the foundation of who she is today and who we are as a brand. The Balinese culture taught her how important it is to not only share this beautiful art, but also the intentions and the energy behind it.

With a production based out of Bali, Indonesia, we believe in building lifelong relationships with our partners and community. We are community-minded, forging partnerships that are mutually beneficial, supporting generations of local artisanship.


Our jewelry connects you with the artisan who personally made your pieces by hand. Through this invisible yet powerful bond, we celebrate the beauty of human connection and all its potential.

I can’t recommend her line enough – I would wear every single thing!