Vibrate Your Way to Fit at the New PLATEFIT Studio in West Hollywood!

April 12, 2016

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Everyone always wants a workout that is quick and delivers results. Well, your new favorite studio has arrived. Introducing PLATEFIT – the one-of-a-kind fitness studio that has a variety of different exercise classes offering a high intensity combination of strength training moves with cardio on a vibrating plate.

Each class is only 27 minutes and ranges between routines with yoga, dance, ballet, kickboxing, and overall cardio and strength training moves.  They even have a class that moves through a series of exercises to help reduce cellulite in women! The Power Plate’s revolutionary technology has been used in the athletic and medical field for decades to treat sports injuries, osteoporosis, spinal cord injuries, and more. By loosening and engaging the muscles more, you are able to achieve double the results in half the time. The kicker? Trying to fight the vibration as you deliver each exercise during the routine.

The classes are welcoming, fun, and energetic and are led by expert trainers who all have athletic backgrounds. The founder, Rachael Blumberg, wants to help her clients achieve their fitness goals, love their bodies, and feel like a loved member of the PLATEFIT family. PLATEFIT puts a unique fitness spin on the equipment and advocates that no matter who you are or how you train, you will come into PLATEFIT and leave saying #thisiswhereIFIT.

The new studio is located at – 309 N Kings Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 and has classes available for only $27 per class! For more information, please visit: and follow them on social!

Twitter – @PLATEFIT

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