Guess The Most Requested Procedures of 2022?

December 29, 2022

Labiaplasty procedures have increased over the years due to more access and education, but recently, it has become even more common – is Lululemon to blame?

We chatted with Dr. Sean Kelishadi is a board-certified celebrity plastic surgeon and founder of SSK Plastic Surgery in Southern California.

Skin-tight, vagina-hugging leggings are a trend that isn’t going anywhere, thanks to brands like Lululemon and Skims making it fashionable and acceptable to wear anywhere. As a result, women are opting for elective procedures like labiaplasty in greater numbers. Dr. Sean Kelishadi, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, sees more women requesting surgery to look and feel better in their leggings. He often hears comments like, “I didn’t realize I had a problem until I wore my Lululemons, and suddenly everyone can see my vagina lips.”

What is the cost? Cost varies, but we charge around $8500 for most people.

What does recovery look like ?

Recovery times will vary, and the healing process will also differ depending on the patient and the procedure(s) they are getting. The extent and complexity of your procedure will correlate with your recovery time, but you can expect a full recovery between 4 and 12 weeks. This procedure tends to have a quicker and smoother recovery for most people, but there will be some discomfort.

Although rarely needed, you’ll be sent home with an oral prescription pain reliever to help with discomfort. Everyone is typically okay with taking a couple of Tylenol. Immediately following your procedure, you can expect numbness, tingling, and minor stiffness in the incision area. Some common side effects include inflammation, swelling, and bruising.

During the first weeks after labiaplasty, you’ll want to wear loose-fitting clothing (no thongs or leggings), no sexual activity, and restrict alcohol consumption to 2 or 3 beverages per week. Your diet should be healthy, limiting caffeine and sugar consumption and adding lots of water, protein, veggies, and fruit.  Usually, after 6-8 weeks, you can do everything as you would before surgery without any restrictions.

Does a woman lose sensation from scarring?

You may experience some decreased sensation in the treated area during the recovery phase, but this is temporary and subsides as you fully heal (4-12 weeks). It is important to remember that labiaplasties address the vaginal lips (labia minora) and will not affect the nerves of the clitoris.

What are potential complications?

With any procedure, there is a risk of decreased sensation, infection, and scarring, making it so important that people do their proper research before moving forward with any surgeon. You’ll want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure on you. While most obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) technically can perform the procedures, they tend not to be as trained or experienced in addressing the other aspects of the procedure aside from just removing excess skin from the labia. A board-certified plastic surgeon is also highly trained to ensure minimal scarring and desensitization and that the final color, contour, and symmetry are natural-looking.

More about -. Prior to practicing in California, he served his general surgery residency at the University of Maryland. Later, Dr. Kelishadi served his plastic surgery residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Both residencies provided Dr. Kelishadi with a strong and diverse foundation that has equipped him to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Kelishadi has a great passion for combining science and beauty as an art. Therefore, as a highly-qualified Plastic Surgeon, he is constantly continuing his education to provide his patients with the latest and most modern techniques for optimum results.

Check out Dr. Kelishadi’s website here, for before and after photos.