hmbldt Cannabis-based Wellness Pen

August 22, 2017

Thank the wellness gods for bringing Cannabis into the spotlight and high on our radars. No pun. Especially for me as I was never one to enjoy smoking weed or even being high. I do believe in the healing aspects of cannabis. More and more, I find myself less and less wanting to ingest anything artificial to help me sleep, settle anxiety or uplift from depression. What an exciting time it is for me – with the rise of luxury cannabis vape pens. I have been trying them all  – to sleep, settle, arouse, relieve and I am psyched to report on hmbldt.

Exquisitely cultivated, crafted, and designed hmbldt is achieving what they sought out to do:

“hmbldt was founded with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant. Science has proven that cannabis provides functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation. hmbldt has determined the exact balance of cannabis derived compounds to create targeted products that deliver a consistent response, while controlling the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Our commitment to safe, targeted and effective cannabis based medicines also led to the development of our proprietary delivery devices, designed specifically to deliver a precise dosage of our formulas each and every time.”

My experience with hmbldt was with the BLISS formula:

A THC-forward formula balanced in a 9:1 ratio with CBD complemented by uplifting terpenes such as a- and β-pinene and terpinolene. The pre-filled hmbldt dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time.

The website has an excellent breakdown of each formula that looks like this:

I loved it. Period. I cannot wait to try them all. Here is where you can find them too!

THE NEWS: hmbldt, named one of TIME’s top 25 inventions, is a cannabis-based health and wellness company founded on the premise that plant-based medicine can bring healing and happiness to the masses. through six targete formulas-relief, sleep, bliss, calm, passion, and arouse-hmbldt desire safe, targeted, and effective solutions for some of our most
common ailments. the proprietary hmbldt dose pen delivers prec· e oses, creating a reliable and repeatable experience. based in california, t e company takes an ethical approach to production which ineludes fully recyclable medical grade plastic and a rigorous testing process to ensure all products are safe and pesticide-free.



the hmbldt dose pen uses superior vaporization elements designed to heat our formulas to a precise temperature and to deliver help quickly and accurately. consistent dosage is guaranteed through three key features: optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control. each pen delivers 200 2.25mg doses.


the active ingredients in cannabis directly interact with a complex network of receptors in the human body called the endocannabinoid system
(ecs). the ecs affects appetite, sleep, energy balance, metabolism, stress response, immune function, muscle spasticity, reproduction, neurogenesis, and pain-almost everything causing lifestyle and health issues in humans today.



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