Espressotoria For The Espresso Lover In Your Life

December 9, 2018

If you’re like me and sending holiday cards via Paperless Post this year, then you might be one for, well, efficiency and ease. And that’s exactly how I like my coffee, tasteful, fast, best in class and NOW. 

Enter the Espressotoria – a gorgeous, space-saving, affordable little barista machine. The pods are not outrageously pricey (have you seen the cost of some of the others? What the –?!) The milk frother is simply adorable and the espresso is quite delish. Right now, you can buy Espressotoria’s Barista 2.0 Machine via on rollback now through December 31. Additionally, Espressotoria also is offering the Caprista Machineavailable in sleek black or bright white on Amazon for 50% off now through Dec. 17. Perfect for all you last minute holiday shoppers!

They can be bought online, at Walmart and now Amazon is having a 50% off sale on the Caprista Capsule machine. 

Perfect gift for everyone from the barista wannabe in your life to your friend or lover who just got a promotion and bigger office. It’s thin, sexy and elegant. I have the red and it’s stunning. I just started with it today (yes, that is how excited I am about it!) so I have yet to try all the various espresso recipes but you can be sure I am going to be full pro in about a week. Christmas for sure came early this year! 

Product highlights

  • Espressotoria Barista 2.0 Espresso Coffee Pod Machine
  • Compact, stylishly designed machine, with a bold red and black finish
  • Make cafe quality espresso right in your home
  • Compact, stylishly designed machine, with a bold red finish
  • Make cafe quality espresso right in your home
  • Utilizes a 19 bar pump pressure and a variety of programmable pour functions
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Water level and waste capsule indicators 
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Americano button
  • Comes with a one-year Espressotoria product warranty

The Espressotoria Barista 2.0 is a premium espresso coffee pod machine that delivers cafe quality espresso at the touch of a button. Compact and stylishly designed, the Barista 2.0 is available in a high gloss red finish that is sure to make a statement in any kitchen.

This premium coffee pod system features (4) pour button functionality; 19 bar pump pressure; waste capsule and water level indicators; energy-saver mode; and innovative dual tubing dispenser for both coffee and hot water, making this a versatile coffee machine and kettle in one!

The Barista 2.0 is perfectly paired with the Espressotoria Milk Frother (sold separately) via an integrated power dock which allows you to create Italian style coffees such as cappuccinos, flat whites, Americanos, lattes, cortados, iced coffees and more.

The Barista 2.0 comes with a 1-year warranty. The Espressotoria System features a range of compatible 100% Arabica coffee blends, designed to provide you with an easy and convenient way to enjoy specialty espresso coffee. Espressotoria, cafe quality coffee made easy. buy Prednisone online

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