B A R K W O O D  C U L T U R E – Clothes for every body

November 5, 2017

B A R K W O O D  C U L T U R E 

Barkwood culture embraces becoming your best self without adhering to what society has deemed as acceptable and normal.

Barkwood culture promotes individuality and self-acceptance.


Weightless  Effortless  Classless  Ageless  Colorless
Boundless  Sizeless  Timeless  Priceless  Fearless

BARKWOOD clothes are designed with the drape of the garment considered on a variety of shapes and sizes.

Extra time is taken during the development and design process to ensure the garments not only flatter a variety of body types, but also seamlessly transition time, lifestyles and seasons.

Women are multidimensional, and so are the clothes.

The lookbook was shot on a size 2, and shot our product shots on an 8 and 16 to show how the garments seamlessly flatter a wide range of silhouettes.

Quality standard is high for our garments.

The clothes are meant to be lived in, comfortable, classic and chic.

Barkwood clothes are meant to work with you, not against you.

Garments are proudly produced in the USA.



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