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Are Your Workouts This Hot Tough?

July 19, 2021

With all of the exercise fads that have come and gone over the years in Los Angeles, few have withstood the test of time. Heated Room, however, is here to stay and innovate. This new fitness studio located in West Hollywood will be sure to blow your mind and change the way you work out forever with its state-of-art infrared heating system that will help you feel that sweet muscle burn that will make you feel your best! 

Some of the benefits offered by this infrared heat system include: 

  • Clean heat helps to reduce the presence of any dust and allergens. 
  • Allows for pain relief while also reducing likelihood of any injuries during physical activity. 
  • Maximizes fat burn while boosting blood plasma and metabolism.
  • Sweating out toxins allows the skin to improve its own elasticity while also working as a natural antibiotic. 
  • Generally reduces stress and tension (both mentally and physically). 

At Heated Room, all of the classes focus on three main goals; core, strength and alignment. The classes are centered around many of the main principles of Pilates, with the intention of lowering the risk of injury or muscle strain, improving balance, control, stability, flexibility and more. Owner and founder – Raamy Fares spared no expense in bringing his vision to life. The sound system is world-class and has been imported from the UK and the machines are top-of-the-line. 

The goal of Heated Room is to offer an experience from each individual the moment they enter the building. With the help of architecture studio 64North, Fares was able to execute the design of the studio beautifully creating an immersive experience from the moment you walk in.

Lucky enough for Angelenos , the studio is now open and memberships can be purchased today. Here are a few different options for exercising at Heated Room: 

  • Monthly memberships starting at $300 USD
  • Heated Room class pass for $36
  • Rent a private Reformer Room for just $100/hr

Sculpt your body to its core. Energize and transform your front, side, and back with a rigorous class designed around traditional Pilates Principles.

Retrain your body and mind to work as one with targeted core movements and upbeat tracks in the heated room. You’ll leave feeling hot—and definitely not bothered.  

Light up every muscle with their heated, high-intensity mat pilates class. Move through concentrated sequences to tone and define legs, arms, shoulders, and seat.  These full body workout demands everything you’ve got to strengthen as you lengthen.

Connect movement with breath as you flow through Vinyasa sequences in their heated room. Stabilize your core and build fire. This isn’t exercise; this is body art.

Heated Room delivers structured classes that focus on your core, strength and alignment with the help of world class trained instructors. Fully equipped with all the necessities, the heated mat pilates room and their private Reformer room has everything you need to start sweating and transform your body!

Check out Heated Room’s website to see more pictures or view the class schedule! 


Mila Moursi Spa

July 2, 2021

Heavenly facial at Mila Moursi Spa.

It is ALL about the Mila Moursi’s famous technique of dry contouring and sculpting to lift and firm the face, neck, and décolleté. This is next level on every level. It naturally smooths, contours, and tightens skin while increasing circulation, stimulating cellular renewal, and encouraging a radiant, rosy glow.

Mila Moursi is the skincare legend behind the most beautiful people in the world. Hollywood royalty’s best-kept secret, Mila opened her West-Hollywood-based spa, the Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute & Day Spa, in 1981. She welcomes A-listers from across the globe as well as clients from all walks of life who swear by her innovative techniques and luxury products.

Mila’s passion began in Paris where she studied cosmetic chemistry as a disciple of Dr. Louis Renaud, a renowned French chemist who created many of the luxurious and timeless formulas of the great prestige skin care houses from all over the world. She moved to the United States at a young age to share this unique knowledge and passion for improving the health and beauty of her clients.

Building upon her training in aesthetics and cosmetic chemistry, Mila invented dry contouring and sculpting massage (now widely copied), her signature high performance technique for building the facial muscles, while sculpting and highlighting the face’s natural bone structure, which provides a health conscious alternative to often misused botox and fillers.

Constantly innovating to provide her clients with the most state-of-the-art ingredients and techniques in the world, Mila travels frequently to research the latest technologies and developments, inventing exciting product formulations and continuing to pioneer new frontiers in skincare.




    60 MINUTES: $200
    Gateway to beautiful skin, this classic cleansing facial removes impurities, deeply hydrates, and balances tone, keeping skin supple, oxygenated, and well-nourished. Regular facials are recommended in order to maintain results and prevent future skin issues.

    75 MINUTES: $300
    This unique facial rejuvenation treatment features Mila Moursi’s own technique of dry contouring and sculpting to lift and firm without the use of machines. Naturally smooths, contours, and tightens skin while increasing circulation, stimulating cellular renewal, and encouraging a radiant, rosy glow. Firms and lifts the face, neck, and décolleté, while potent serums, creams, and mask improve elasticity, firmness, and a flawless radiance. Regular treatments are recommended in order to help keep skin looking firm, tight, and lifted.

    75 MINUTES: $400 / SERIES OF 6: $2,190
    This treatment features Mila Moursi’s own technique of dry contouring and sculpting to lift and firm the face, neck, and décolleté. Naturally smooths, contours, and tightens skin while increasing circulation, stimulating cellular renewal, and encouraging a radiant, rosy glow. Includes one supplemental corrective treatment, according to personalized skin condition, while potent serums, creams, and masks improve elasticity, firmness, and a flawless radiance. For lasting effects, this treatment is recommended as a series.

    90 MINUTES: $550/ SERIES OF 6: $3,000

    This treatment combines the best in manual techniques and state of the art, advanced technology to bring you the best results.It features Mila Moursi’s technique of dry contouring and sculpting to lift and firm the face, neck, and décolleté. Naturally smooths, contours, and tightens skin while increasing circulation, stimulating cellular renewal, and encouraging a radiant, rosy glow


    60 MIN OR LESS: $350/ SERIES OF 6: $1,800 (FACE)
    60 MIN OR LESS: $400/ SERIES OF 6: $2,100 (FACE & NECK)



    60 MINUTES: $165 / 90 MINUTES: $225
    De-stressing massage sends the entire body into a state of profound relaxation. Firm, therapeutic massage strokes melt away tension, reduce muscle fatigue, and stimulate microcirculation while encouraging well-being for the body, mind, and soul.

    120 MINUTES: $375 / SERIES OF 6: $2100

    Wellness starts here.Detoxifying and skin conditioning body restoration program begins with a detoxifying treatment that promotes sweating impurities and toxins out of the system. Treatment includes a customized lymphatic drainage massage and G5 massaging machine to increase the detoxifying process, target cellulite, and enhance body firmness. Lymphatic drainage, sweating, and improved circulation lead to a visibly smoother, more contoured silhouette.


    60 MINUTES: $350 / SERIES OF 6: $1,800
    90 MINUTES WITH MASSAGE $400/ SERIES OF 6: $2100
    Cellulite-targeted treatment is designed to smooth, firm, and slim body contours by stimulating circulation, improving lymphatic drainage, and facilitating the flow of nutrients to problem areas. Transformative treatment includes Vacuodermie, Pressotherapy, and lymphatic drainage massage.

    45 MINUTES: $250 / SERIES OF 6: $1350
    90 MINUTES WITH MASSAGE: $400 / SERIES OF 6: $2250

    Non-invasive radio frequency is designed to help firm and contour the body.Technologically-advanced treatment encourages the body’s natural collagen renewal process to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Includes de-stressing, therapeutic massage to melt away tension, improve microcirculation, and encourage well-being for the body, mind, and soul.


    45 MIN: $350 / SERIES OF 6: $1950
    Cryotherapy treatment uses cold and warm temperatures to optimize blood circulation, create a youthful radiance, and encourage collagen synthesis to tighten and firm skin. Includes pressotherapy to stimulate and improve circulation on the legs and the lymphatic system.

    90 MINUTES: $400 / SERIES OF 6: $2250
    Cryotherapy treatment uses cold and warm temperatures to optimize blood circulation, create a youthful radiance, and encourage collagen synthesis to tighten and firm skin. Includes de-stressing, therapeutic massage to melt away tension, improve microcirculation, and encourage well-being for the body, mind, and soul.

    90-120 MINUTES SERIES OF 6: $3000
    Alternating Body Series consisting of the Body Detox & Wellness Treatment, Vacuodermie & Pressotherapy Cellulite Treatment, Radio Frequency, & Cryotherapy, in addition to the face and body LED bed.

Watch the VIDEOS here to learn more: 


Mon-Fri 9am-2pm PST
For spa availabilty in our West Hollywood location, please call 310.274.1602.

Facial Exercise – It’s a Thing

June 28, 2021

Sculpted cheekbones, tighter skin, increased fullness in cheeks – um, naturally? Yes.  Studies have shown you can improve the appearance of your cheekbones and face by using facial exercises. You’re welcome.

9 Exercises to get your face workout on

Jaw Exercises:

Sit up straight and drop your lower jaw down as far as you can comfortably. Then, stick out your lower jaw to create some tension in the cheeks near your ears. Hold it like this and continue feeling the tension in your cheeks for up to ten seconds, then relax your jaw and move it back inwards. Repeat the exercise ten times regularly to get the best results.


Smiling isn’t just a great way to convey a happy emotion or greet somebody. It can also be a great exercise for your face. All you need to do is smile as widely as you can while keeping your mouth closed. Hold the smile for around ten seconds before relaxing your face. Doing this every day will not only help you feel happier and be in a better mood, but it can also uplift your facial structure.

Tongue Movements:

Tongue exercises can be an ideal way to work on the muscles located below the apple of your cheeks and other muscles in your face. You may want to try mewing to improve your jaw posture, which is done by moving your tongue to the roof of your mouth with your mouth closed and gently pressing it to feel a little pressure in your jaw. You can also stick out your tongue and stretch it like you’re trying to touch your chin to exercise several facial muscles.

Exaggerated Expressions:

Making exaggerated expressions while pronouncing the letters ‘X’ and ‘O’ is a great exercise for your facial muscles. It can help to strengthen the muscles and target fat from your cheeks. Plus, the exaggerated motions can make you laugh, which is another great exercise for your facial muscles and will lift your mood.

Cheek Lifts:

This is a great exercise to try if you want to work on the upper cheek muscles and give your face a leaner look. Start by pulling your cheek muscles up towards your eyes without changing the position of your lips. Then, raise the corners of the lips to push the cheeks up further from below. Repeat ten times regularly to see the best results.

Puffy Face:

You can work out the muscles in the upper and middle part of your cheeks by performing the ‘puffy face’ exercise. Close your mouth and puff your cheeks with air, then move the air from one cheek to the other while holding it in your mouth for five seconds.


It’s not just for selfies – pouting can also be a great facial exercise to improve the muscles in your cheeks. It’s a great option for working all of the areas of the cheeks at the same time. All you need to do is purse your lips and suck in your cheeks. Exaggerate it as much as possible and try to push out the outer corners of your lips into a smile before holding it for ten seconds.

Chin Lifts:

If your chin and jawline is the main area of concern when it comes to your face, chin lifts can help. You can perform this exercise while either sitting or standing. Start by tilting your head towards the ceiling and keeping your eyes focused on it. Tighten your lips as if you’re about to kiss and hold it for a count of five seconds before relaxing.

Neck Rolling:

Another great exercise for your jawline and chin is neck rolling. Start in a straight position with your head positioned normally before gently bending your head to one side and lining with your chin. Then slowly turn your head so that it makes a complete circular rotation. Be sure to keep your shoulders down and spine straight.

But Is Your All Natural Deodorant Also Mood Boosting?

May 26, 2021

Is it also gender-neutral, cruelty-free, aluminum-free, 100% natural, paraben-free, clean, clean-free, and packaged in a stunning sexy little roll on?

Didn’t think so. Clearly, you need mindalt in your life.

mindalt, elevates your mood with the proven science of essential oils. As someone who has 2 diffusers running at all times, this product is right up my alley.

No aluminum or anything toxic doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. With endless testing, mindalt learned that using fewer ingredients has nothing to do with deodorant being any less effective.

mindalt delivers a rich combination of ingredients that target mood, sweat and odor in multiple ways.  

The right combo of essentail oils = 4x the mood boosting power.

Each of their 22 specific essential oils have been scientifically proven to impact your brain’s nervous system and positively alter your mood state and wellbeing.

The power of 5.

Five powerful sweat absorbers,  five natural ingredients to attack sweat from different angles, from reducing pore size to wicking away moisture to absorbing wetness. Five potent antimicrobial odor fighters that stop the bacteria that cause body odor from forming.

Mood enhancing essential oils

Lemon: EWG Clean Rating 1
Boosts your metabolism and mood. That’s why it’s nicknamed liquid sunshine. Refreshing citrusy. Slightly sweet scent.

Bergamot: EWG Clean Rating 2
The triple treat and why Bergamot is found in all our products. Positive mood enhancer with antimicrobial properties that also helps absorb sweat. Fresh citrus scent with a hint of spices.

Sage: EWG Clean Rating 1
Steels against negativity and uplifts your mood. Smells balmy and herbal.

Vetiver: EWG Clean Rating 1
Balances your mood reducing irritability. Smells much like uncut grass with a woody undertone.

Sandalwood: EWG Clean Rating 1
Aids mental clarity and promotes creativity. A woody scent offset by floral, balsamic and sweet accents.

Ingredients that absorb sweat

Zea Mays: EWG Clean Rating 1
Corn starch, highly effective in the dampening of wetness.

Pullulan: EWG Clean Rating 1
Produced from starch and provides excellent moisture protection.

Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil: EWG Clean Rating 2
An essential oil with a surprisingly high astringency, allowing it to reduce or contract the size of sweat-producing pores.

Witch Hazel Distillate: EWG Clean Rating 1
Derived from steaming the twigs of the Witch Hazel shrub, this essential oil is an astringent that constricts the tissue under the arm to prevent sweat and also reduces moisture.

Silica: EWG Clean Rating 1
A mineral component of sandstone, it acts to soak up moisture from sweat.

Ingredients that prevent body odor

Propanediol: EWG Rating 2
Derived from the glucose obtained from corn, it’s a highly effective bacteria inhibitor (especially Gram-positive bacteria, most commonly responsible for causing body odor). Gentle on the skin. it causes no irritation and acts as a moisturizer.

Triethyl Citrate: EWG Clean Rating 1
A citric acid that prevents bacterial decomposition of sweat ingredients that directly cause body odor.

Glycerin: EWG Clean Rating 1
A naturally occurring organic compound that has strong antimicrobial properties.

Pentylene Glycol: EWG Clean Rating 1
Naturally occurring in sugarcane, it is a longstanding antimicrobial agent which helps stabilize liquids that don’t mix well. It is an emulsifier and therefore a good ally of Sunflower Oil, our emulsion.

Citric Acid: EWG Clean Rating 1
An organic fruit derived acid (from lemon or lime) that combats armpit sweat as it reduces sweat production.

OP+ also includes:

Polyglyceryl: EWG Clean Rating 1

Derived from vegetables this plant based antimicrobial effectively targets all the types of body odor.

Zinc Ricinoleate: EWG Clean Rating 1

Found in castor oil this odor absorber rather than merely killing bacteria, traps and absorbs odor molecules making them imperceptible to the odor receptors in your nose.

Ingredients that improve the product experience

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed) Oil: EWG Clean Rating 1
Sunflower Oil is the formulation’s key carrier oil that ensures the essential oils don’t lose potency on contact with the skin and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Works to make the essential oil combinations more effective and ‘bio-available’.  It also acts to delay the oxidation of Bergamot, our formula’s most versatile essential oil.

Tocopherol: EWG Clean Rating 1
A naturally occurring organic compound known to have Vitamin E activity, a potent antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage by fighting off highly reactive free radicals.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: EWG Clean Rating 1
Made from palm. Beyond smoothing your skin, it helps agents bind together to make the mood enhancing essential oils longer lasting.

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice: EWG Clean Rating 1
Aloe Vera is well-recognized to sooth and soften the skin.

Menthol: EWG Clean Rating 1
A crystalline compound found largely in Peppermint oils that provides a soothing and momentary cooling sensation upon application.

For example: Ingredients that maintain formulation integrity

Lecithin: EWG Clean Rating 1
Found in the tissue of plants, it is an emulsifier that extends the product’s shelf-life.

Hydroxyacetophenone: EWG Clean Rating 1
Found naturally in Cloud Berries, it is a preservative booster.

Phenethyl Alcohol: EWG Clean Rating 1
Occurring naturally in essential oil plants, it prevents or retards bacterial growth and in turn protects the product from spoilage. It is a natural preservative.

Sclerotium Gum: EWG Clean Rating 1
A big sugar molecule used as a thickening agent.

Xanthan Gum: EWG Clean Rating 1
An all-natural sugar molecule used in tandem with Sclerotium Gum, acts to stabilize our emulsions.

Glyceryl Oleate Citrate: EWG Clean Rating 1
A natural compound of citric acid and vegetable oils. It’s an emulsifier and stabilizer for water. It contributes to even the distribution of products during use, keeping the ingredients from separating.

Is Your Body Wash Microbiome-Friendly Certified?

May 23, 2021

CRUDE, a leader in the personal care industry, is designed to cleanse, protect, heal, and balance the skin’s natural microbiome.

They just rebranded with a focus on their roots while simultaneously challenging the industry’s approach to everything from inflammatory skin disease and the hunger for beautifully crafted products, to climate change and diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry.

As part of the rebranding effort, CRUDE is relaunching the product assortment and website to include a content hub called SOUL, or School of UnLearning.

There, CRUDE collaborates with experts and advocates across industries to dive deep into three content pillars – Skin, Wellness, and Activism – exploring the topics through a holistic, science-based, and intersectional lens. Paving the way as leaders in the emerging microbiome-friendly market, CRUDE is using this opportunity to educate consumers on letting their skin and nature thrive.

“The rebrand is a realignment. We wanted to celebrate the biodiversity that enriches our microbiomes and planet – our very lives – and also have that reflected in the brand itself, from our packaging and website to the models we use, partners we collaborate with, and the makeup of our internal team,” said Denise Cartwright, founder of CRUDE.

In conjunction with the rebrand, CRUDE’s soap-free cleansers, Wash and Cleanse, were tested by MyMicrobiome, an independent, third-party lab with the world’s first seal for microbiome quality.

After measuring the cleansers’ microbial quality and impact on the skin’s natural bacterial diversity, tests confirmed both are microbiome-friendly. Further, the lab confirmed that Wash is the first certified microbiome-friendly body wash and baby wash in the world. Using 100% certified organic, botanical ingredients to heal, nourish, and protect the skin, CRUDE is setting a new standard in skincare.

Currently, CRUDE consists of six products, and three bundles with price points ranging from $12-$40 for single products and $60-$135 for bundles. All products are also multi-use driving on their sustainable mission (cleansers act as moisturizers all-in-one) leading to less waste in our landfills and oceans.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Such is the case with CRUDE, a leading microbiome-friendly skincare company founded by Master Esthetician, Denise Cartwright. Uniquely situated at the intersection of beauty, wellness, and activism, CRUDE products are designed to restore the body to its natural state without the use of harsh detergents or synthetic chemicals which can irritate the skin and disrupt its microbiome. Comprising six products, CRUDE launched with rave reviews from coast to coast in 2014. Now, CRUDE has undergone a rebrand designed to embrace its holistic, intersectional, science-based roots while simultaneously challenging the industry’s approach to everything from inflammatory skin disease and the hunger for beautifully crafted products, to climate change and diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Created with the modern consumer wholly in mind, their irreverent new tagline says it all, CRUDE invites consumers to unf*ck their flora and let their nature thrive.